Auto Repairs - Where to Find the Best Value for Your Money

It's illegal to do major auto repairs on a residential area in Florida, regardless of whether the vehicle is insured. The penalties for making repeated calls to your auto insurance company regarding your own repairs could include suspension of your driver's license and criminal charges. For example, under Florida law it is illegal to allow a vehicle to be repaired by someone other than the person who signed for the work. Likewise, if you have to make a major repair to a vehicle that you are driving on a public road, you may be required to remove the vehicle and not use it again for 7 days. This applies even if you have gotten authorization from the other party to make use of their shop.

If you decide to use a mechanic's shop instead of an auto repair facility, make sure that the mechanic is insured and licensed to do repairs on a Florida property. Also, make sure that the mechanic is reputable. If a mechanic is uninsured or not licensed, he could injure you in an accident or harm your vehicle during a repair job. Finally, find out what fees the mechanic will charge you before you agree to have your vehicle repaired. You might be surprised at how often repair facilities tack on extra charges to the original estimate just to earn more money.

Consumer Protection rules regarding auto repairs in Florida are designed to protect the consumer. The Florida attorney general's office does not have an official list of approved shops but recommends that consumers call the Florida Bureau of Auto Repair & Service Standards to investigate claims of abuse. In addition, the consumer protection office can refer you to local consumer protection agencies for help. Most shops are required to obtain a minimum of state certification but some still aren't meeting minimum standards. Consumer advocates in Florida encourage people to report unsatisfactory customer experiences to the state's consumer protection office.

Before you get into any type of agreement with a mechanic, always check references and be sure to ask what kind of training the mechanic has. You should also ask about the warranties offered for major components like engines and transmission. Also inquire about how long the warranty will last for and if there are special deals for existing customers. Find out what kind of payment arrangements are available and how much the total will be before you agree to have your car or truck repaired. 

The best way to avoid shady auto repairs is to thoroughly check out a mechanic's credentials, training, and business history. If you're comfortable with the person you're talking with, you can schedule an appointment without feeling anxious or worried about hidden fees. Click on this page here and learn more on hiring the best auto repair companies.
According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, auto repairs and auto maintenance costs in Florida are expected to grow faster than the national average over the next five years. The state's auto maintenance and repair costs are expected to continue to increase at a faster pace as new and more expensive vehicles hit the roads. 

High fuel prices and high insurance rates are expected to contribute to higher auto repair costs as well. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Florida's car insurance premiums are expected to increase more slowly, but still significantly, than the national average over the next five years. Although Florida's auto repair costs are on the higher end compared to other states, the state is home to many car owners who own older vehicles that need costly repairs. The Department of Financial Services warns that car owners who own older cars might not be able to find a low-cost car insurance policy in the near future.

Florida's sunshine belt provides a lot of areas where property owners can locate affordable and reliable car and truck parts. Property owners should take a close look at these areas as they are likely to see major auto repairs within a few miles of their homes. Property owners can also check with local car dealerships as they likely have a supply of low-cost aftermarket auto parts. Finally, local body shops and auto repair near me may be able to provide the service your vehicle needs at a more reasonable price than large local shops. If you need to save money on auto repairs, make sure you take a close look at your current policy and consider making some changes that could save you hundreds of dollars per year. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: